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Willow is a female technology company that empowers and supports mothers. Their first invention, launched in 2017, is a wireless, in-bra wearable breast pump that revolutionized the breastfeeding market and gave back mobility to mothers who previously felt tethered to the wall. In 2020, after years of innovation on the physical product and digital companion app, the team was questioning what else they could build to support the broader motherhood journey.

the story

I was first introduced to Willow's CEO through a connection at NEA, one of their investors. I had prior collaboration with NEA's design partner, Albert Lee, during the launch of tCR with the Omio project. Albert thought of me when Willow expressed their need for external design expertise. Following our initial meeting, it became clear that the project not only required design expertise but also a strategic approach. In response, I brought in my business partner to help shape the project's strategy and oversee its structure and operations.

In our pitch against a roster of established agencies, our winning edge was attributed to our collaborative and methodical approach in designing and rigorously testing concepts. We closely collaborated with Willow's newly formed internal digital team, jointly conceptualizing and testing ideas for a groundbreaking product line aimed at providing mothers with pertinent information and knowledge.

This collaboration extended to other facets of the business, encompassing the integration of the design experience for a new physical product and the establishment of a data pipeline to synchronize signals as we continued to test and expand our efforts. As the scope of our work expanded, we also brought in a partner specializing in content creation to spearhead the development of engaging and educational content for the product.

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