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In 2019 Bose released the first AR enabled headphones, their mission was to build relationships with the developer community and enable a new era of spatial audio applications and experiences that could be leveraged across different markets and future hardware. Traverse was created to show the possibilities of immersive audio with a debut at 2019 SXSW.

the story

I had the opportunity to connect with the SuperBright team during the development phase of their groundbreaking technology, which rendered sound in 3D and seamlessly integrated with one's surroundings. This innovation was slated to be showcased at SXSW for Bose, coinciding with the release of their new bone-conducting sunglass headphones.

The team had invested significant effort in perfecting the technology, leaving just four weeks to establish the brand identity and apply it to the user interface. Simultaneously, we addressed any gaps in the user experience system. The challenge lay in intuitively aligning this emerging concept, bridging the realms of sound and space within a 2D representation.

Working on this project allowed me to delve into an experimental space, adding a distinctive layer through brand design. It was a pleasure to contribute to such an innovative endeavor.

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