About the business

Founded in 2019, Teal is a personal career growth platform that gives people the tools, skills, and recommendations to accelerate their careers through self-management. Tools and content focus on helping job seekers understand company needs and roles and align and position their skills, experience, and personal goals to find opportunities that excite and make sense for them.

the story

Teal became one of our clients amidst the challenges of the COVID-19 lockdowns. With the job market uncertain and a shift towards remote work, individuals found themselves with newfound time to reflect on their career paths and how they wanted to allocate their time. Job transitions became more prevalent, and Teal positioned itself to facilitate this shift for millions of Americans.

When we joined the team, they had already laid a foundation through a manual process that involved a wealth of content and a series of classes conducted on Zoom. We collaborated with them to chart a potential vision for the product and create a more refined UI that accurately represented the integrity of their business.

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