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SuperRare is a marketplace for buying and selling NFTs from the world’s top artists. Originally it was formulated as technology that enabled people to mint their images to gain ownership over the content. They’ve evolved into a leading contender in the digital art space.

the story

John Crain, the CEO, is a close friend whom I've known since his early days in agencies in NYC. He's been passionate about cryptocurrency and its applications for as long as I can remember. Leveraging his engineering background, he collaborated with his cousin John Perkins and his brother Charlie Crain to begin testing potential applications. Thanks to my contributions to naming and ideation for the technology they built, we took the initial step to create an NFT-based image marketplace.

In our early conversations, John, John Perkins, Charlie, and I often explored the potential uses of NFTs, including innovative ideas like their mortgage application. After numerous brainstorming sessions and discussions, we collectively birthed the brand SuperRare—a platform dedicated to trading one-of-a-kind pieces of digital art.

Our vision was clear: to transplant the scarcity and value of physical art into the digital realm. In doing so, we proved a concept and ignited a phenomenon. Alongside my contributions in naming and ideation, I took on the significant responsibility of designing the UI/UX, ensuring that the platform embodied our collective vision seamlessly.

Witnessing the team's growth and commitment to upholding the foundational concepts and brand work, especially with John, John Perkins, and Charlie at the helm, has been immensely gratifying. SuperRare has emerged as a trailblazer in the NFT space, a testament to its unyielding drive to innovate technology and foster a vibrant community of creators and collectors. I take great pride in my role in the early stages and am excited to see what new horizons they'll conquer, especially with John, John Perkins, and Charlie as trusted friends and visionary leaders.

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