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Otis was created to bring the concept of investing to items in culture. The way of gaining more access to scarce collectibles was to figure out a system of fractional investment. Otis was acquired by the investment platform Public in 2022.

the story

I was introduced to the founder of Otis through a cold outreach after he came across my portfolio. Michael, having already spearheaded the successful startup Skillshare, was now eager to explore another venture. His vision was to create a marketplace for fractional assets, aimed at democratizing ownership of assets typically held by large private investors. Think of priceless works of art tucked away in grand residences across the globe.

I worked closely with Michael and eventually his early founding team to establish the foundational UX and early UI for the product. This collaboration coincided with the birth of my son, prompting a brief hiatus. Upon my return, I resumed the design work, contributing to the team's journey towards launch.

The project delved into some conceptually challenging notions about wealth and culture, which made it particularly intriguing. While the project may not have fully realized its original goal before being acquired by Public, its initial exploration of ownership remains pertinent and thought-provoking.

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