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Oscar Health is a technology-driven health insurance company founded in 2012. They use advanced tech and data to provide personalized, transparent, and user-friendly insurance solutions. Their mobile app and platform make it easy for members to access care, schedule appointments, and manage prescriptions. This approach empowers individuals to take control of their health, leading to better outcomes and making Oscar a prominent player in the industry.

the story

Stepping into the fray during the inaugural sales season, coinciding with ACA open enrollment, marked the beginning of an exhilarating chapter in my career at Oscar Health. As a hands-on individual contributor, I was deeply involved in constructing the initial product and pioneering a digital sales funnel that would become a trailblazing online tool for the health insurance industry. My days were filled with the intricacies of product design, a field I embraced with passion and dedication.

As the demands grew, so did our ambitions. With each passing day, it became evident that to truly elevate our impact, a robust team was needed. It was a transition that called for leadership and vision. Over time, I took on the task of building a design team from the ground up, nurturing talent, and fostering a collaborative environment.

Seeing the team expand to 12 skilled individuals was a testament to the collective effort and dedication we poured into our work. Guiding others to bring forth their best work was both a challenge and a privilege. It was a journey of growth, not just in numbers, but in the caliber of work we produced.

This period of transformation wasn't without its challenges, yet it was a chapter defined by the satisfaction of seeing our collective efforts translate into meaningful impact. From my early days of hands-on design work to steering a team of talented individuals, every step of the way was a testament to the power of dedication, collaboration, and a shared vision.

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