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Omio is a global travel company focused on changing the world of travel by empowering customers to compare travel options and prices across trains, buses, flights, ferries, and car rentals. The platform started in Europe in 2013 as GoEuro and in 2018 expanded as Omio to become a global solution for travelers worldwide, connecting users to thousands of transportation providers across all modes of transportation.

the story

In 2017, I left Oscar Health, where I had previously led the design organization for both product and brand. Eager for a new challenge that would allow me to apply my knowledge gained from both agency and Oscar experiences over the past four years, I was introduced to Albert Lee from NEA. Albert connected me with a team in Berlin that was in need of strong design leadership.

The Berlin team had experienced rapid growth, but their design system and team hadn't scaled accordingly. They were searching for someone to lead the design team, and I proposed a solution: I would step in as the interim head of design, with one of my primary objectives being to identify and recruit a permanent replacement.

This opportunity was unique and enticing. It meant relocating to Berlin, where I could leverage my skills to address a critical juncture in their business journey. The company was evolving, and it was imperative that the design team and system reflected this growth.

During my initial six weeks, I focused on establishing a baseline for the team, initiating design sprints, implementing processes, and conducting interviews to fill open positions, especially the crucial Head of Design role. Simultaneously, the marketing team was undertaking a rebranding effort to give the company a new identity (formerly known as GoEuro) that would align with its expanding scope and display a more mature product through an updated design system.

Regrettably, the chosen agency for the rebranding project lacked the agility and skill required for a successful execution. As part of the leadership team, I facilitated the exit from the agency and took charge of the project myself. I founded tCR (the Combination Rule) to manage an international team remotely, with the goal of rebranding a European travel company that was looking to expand globally. We assembled a decentralized team, including three designers, one copywriter, two product designers, and an illustrator, to conceptualize and execute the new brand.

I remained closely involved with the team and helped transition the work internally to the new Head of Design. What initially started as a brief leadership role unexpectedly marked the beginning of my studio practice. It introduced me to a fundamental principle: executing strategically allows you to build brands and products in collaboration with clients and transition them seamlessly to the internal team. This approach addressed a gap in the market, as agencies often prioritized their own performance over the client's business objectives.

Through deep relationships and a profound understanding of the business, we transformed a stalled process into a comprehensive rebranding effort, seamlessly transitioning the work to the internal team.

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