About the business

Mindsight was a business that never was. David Soderbergh had an idea to create a digital experience that would be like a choose your own adventure style of content. Having created countless moves and TV shows he wanted to embark on a new way to tell stories that gave more interaction with the viewer. He wanted to shoot multiple narratives and allow users to be able to choose their own path. It was a concept ahead of its time.

the story

A former colleague from R/GA who was a UX designer was working with David to create this experience. She sought a partner in Art Direction and UI design as they conceptualized the app. They had a prototype story written and filmed and built interactions to get the basic concept together. My wife and I worked to help assist with art direction as they began to pitch the idea around.

The project felt intensely creative and exciting. It was amazing to have a big name attached to it, but it lacked all the reality of an actual business, and because of that, I suspect that's why we never saw our work see the light of day.

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