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Willow is a female technology company that empowers and supports mothers. Their first invention, launched in 2017, is a wireless, in-bra wearable breast pump that revolutionized the breastfeeding market and gave back mobility to mothers who previously felt tethered to the wall. In 2020, after years of innovation on the physical product and digital companion app, the team was questioning what else they could build to support the broader motherhood journey.

the story

We were introduced to M7 through our prior client, Bonside. They were in need of a team capable of swiftly establishing their brand and applying it to their initial marketing page for their funding announcement. With a tight budget in mind, we closely collaborated with the two founders to ensure a clear articulation of the company's vision.

The result was a dynamic collaboration between myself, Maxwell Holyoke-Hirsch, and Griffin Gagler. Together, we not only crafted the branding but also organized a photoshoot featuring a team of nurses to create bespoke assets. This extra touch of polish set them apart in the competitive Health Tech landscape.

Such an extensive body of work, achieved within a short timeframe and on a constrained budget, was made possible by the founders' trust in our ability to bring their vision to life.

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