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Another project that my wife and I designed while working together. Hyatt was looking to update their online booking process and in simply improve conversion on their own prooperties. It's another case of an internal team tossing over a big digital product over the fence. This time we were hired by an Rokkan (now defunct) to be hired guns essentially. Little oversight, just design "dope screens" for a pitch.

the story

At this point, I was working at Oscar and totally checked out of the agency world. To give me more fodder for disliking that sector was us being hired guns for a pitch through an agency. It was clear that this was just a service brand game and everyone was bluffing. They didn't even have the talent, they were just outsourcing and hoping the play was good enough to win another client. We didn't have much oversight on this so it came and went easily. We create highquality designs and the client got to pitch the work. This project was one of the lasts that we ended up doing as design partners. My wife and I have wildly different styles and working and living together wasn't going to make for a fun relationship. We took that last check and paid off the rest of our student loan debts. A milestone in both our lives as we began a new lease on life as a debt free couple.

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