About the business

HotelMap in 2013 was, successfully booking events and hotels for business clients. They had technology and deals with convention centers and hotels to connect demand and supply. They were doing well and ready for optimization and vision for where they could go with the platform.

the story

My wife and I worked with them to define the problems clearly, mapped out the UX in collaboration, and then designed the initial booking and event creation flow for HotelMap. We were asked to push the design direction as well. I was working at Oscar at the time, handling largely product design, and starting to see the signs of how fewer designers were being tasked with more to do. It felt like a natural flow possible with the advancement of tools like sketching. As a designer, you could move faster because the tools were lighter, so you could sketch more. That sketching led to more UX thinking, and that's why UX/UI became a single discipline of product design. You inherently have to think of both sides, with the tech overhead gone, smaller design teams could go broader. I saw that in this project as we tackled UX and presented large-scale design system shifts.

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