About the business

Founded in 2022, Elion is a platform to help digital health builders discover, evaluate, and select the software and services to power their businesses and ultimately deliver better care faster.

the story

Elion was introduced to me through Albert Lee, a design partner at the VC firm NEA who had previously connected me with Omio and later with Willow. Recognizing the need for a skilled practitioner and strategist, Albert brought me on board to guide a company from its initial stages (0-1).

The task at hand demanded a structured methodology and swift testing. Together, we meticulously defined the early value propositions for the company, successfully launching both the initial product and brand. After months of collaborative effort, we seized the opportunity to revisit the brand armed with invaluable insights gained from rapid development and launch.

The final refinement struck the perfect balance, endowing the brand with the credibility and aesthetics necessary to instill trust in its users. It was a rewarding project to have such a strong fingerprint on a company from the start, as well as having the opportunity to collaborate with an old colleague from Oscar Health, Bobby Guelich, who served as CEO of Elion.

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