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Cloud to Street enables communities to prepare and respond to climate disasters by reducing the barriers to scientific information and capital.

the story

My first encounter with Bessie Schwarz, the CEO and Founder of Cloud to Street, came about through Eddie Segel, a lead investor at Floating Point VC. Eddie and I had previously collaborated at Oscar. When he needed someone to swiftly establish a compelling brand for a company using flood data to help people mobilize in the present and future, he thought of me.

I enthusiastically embraced the challenge, immersing myself in the task of crafting a brand that would define Cloud to Street's journey. As time passed, the company transitioned to the name Floodbase, yet the essence of our initial work remains an integral part of their identity.

Acknowledging the brand's impact, I take pride in the brand system we developed. It stands as a testament to our dedication and creative process. Watching it contribute to the company's identity is genuinely fulfilling. It's a reminder of the value of well-crafted design.

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