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About the business

Classic Specs was the consumer brand ontop of a company that was looking to build a white label eyeglasses and suglasses distribution from design, production, to ecommerce, and potentially fullfillment. They used Classic:Specs as the test case for how the system could work. Essentially using it as the proof of concept and test ground for the larger vision of the company. After running the process for awhile they were able to get big collaberations with Ciolette, Sachs Fith Avenue, Net.- A -Porter, and many more.

the story

My wife, Heather Luipold, a talented designer in her own right, and I established Chico & Lui, a design studio, with the goal of alleviating our debt. It was during this time that we were introduced to Eponyom, the parent company of Classic Specs, which became one of our esteemed clients. Conveniently, their office was situated along our regular route home in Williamsburg. We often commuted together, taking the opportunity to stop by their office and discuss their design needs.

Our contribution was pivotal in the successful launch of their ecommerce platform. We provided an extensive array of templates to facilitate the growth of their collections and editorial content. This endeavor not only strengthened their brand but also opened doors to valuable collaborations with larger brands.

Even now, looking back on this project, I maintain that the concept of offering a white-label process to major brands was fundamentally solid. However, practical challenges with profit margins may have arisen. I suspect that the ultimate stumbling block may have been the intricacies of operational execution, which are paramount for a company's long-term success.

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