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Casper, a pioneering bedding company, has been redefining our understanding of sleep and its impact on our lives. In 2017, they embarked on a visionary journey to create an experience that transcends slumber, driven by the belief that quality sleep is central to our well-being. This led to the introduction of The Dreamery—an experimental concept in the heart of Manhattan. Here, individuals can find a private oasis of comfort, centered around Casper's signature beds, accompanied by exceptional service and amenities. The Dreamery symbolizes Casper's commitment to enhancing sleep quality for all.

the story

In the summer of 2017, right after leaving Oscar, I swiftly jumped into a new project. The newly hired design executive at Casper reached out to me to tackle the challenge of integrating a pop-up nap experience into their event strategy. This innovative concept involved people taking naps in Casper beds housed in specially designed nap pods. I collaborated with a small team to streamline the mobile app, allowing users to effortlessly locate, book, and pay for their nap. While the ambition behind the plan was commendable, I believe a more gradual approach, focused on refining both the physical and digital processes, might have yielded even better results.

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