About the business

Bonside is a revenue-based financing platform that connects retail investors with brick-and-mortar businesses. Bonside has created a unique Repeatable Revenue Agreement (RRA) that provides growth capital to SMB retailers, allowing retailers to expand while maintaining full ownership. Launched in 2023, Bonside is on a mission to bring a funding model that is accessible and favorable to growing businesses who have previously been caught between financing options that don't make sense for them, namely venture capital and bank loans.

the story

I first connected with Bonside's founder, Neha Govindraj, through a cold outreach. She was in search of a design partner to kickstart the brand. After a year of collaboration, we reconvened for Bonside's beta launch to its initial businesses and investors.

My business partner and I focused on identifying critical user flows, sprinting towards a solution to keep investors engaged and committed as power users of Bonside. We then worked closely with the team to transition design work to our head engineer, who single-handedly revamped the platform for investors.

Watching the team grow and expand as they strive to support brick-and-mortar businesses has been incredibly rewarding. Our journey with Bonside is a testament to the power of teamwork and innovation in the business world. I'm excited to see what the future holds for us.

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