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Founded in 2018, Altana is an AI platform that ingests and transforms data across the public and private sectors to build models, networks, and visualizations that support and enable safe, resilient, and sustainable global supply chains. Launched in 2020, the company's Trusted Commerce Platform helps businesses and governments collaborate through a shared source of truth on the global supply chain.

the story

I was introduced to Altana, a data and technology company, through the designer of a client I had collaborated with during my time at theSkimm. This designer connected me with her husband, who happened to be a founder at Altana. As we discussed their business, it became increasingly clear that Altana wasn't just a promising venture—it demanded a high degree of precision and structure.

Bringing my business partner along to our initial meeting with the Altana team, we quickly found ourselves in sync. This was around the same time the COVID-19 pandemic struck, prompting us to kick off our collaboration remotely as we all navigated this new, uncertain reality.

In those early days, we swiftly recognized the profound potential of the technology Altana was striving to develop, particularly in times of crisis. Their focus on shipping data and their endeavors to enhance the visualization and communication of risks and solutions to clients were undeniably impactful. Together, we laid the foundation for early MVPs, leveraging actual data to create a seamless Figma prototype that could be updated with a manual push from a spreadsheet.

Witnessing the remarkable growth of the Altana team since our initial collaboration has been nothing short of inspiring. Knowing that they're addressing challenges critical to the well-being of everyone is a source of great pride. It underscores the significance of the work we've accomplished together, and I look forward to seeing how they continue to shape the future.

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